Since my recent birthday (that makes three now) I appear to be getting forgetful in my old age. I found a knot tied in Eeyore’s tail yesterday which made me think that there must be something I was supposed to remember but once I had given the situation a little thought I realised that in fact it was just holding the little pink bow on and was supposed to be there.  Of Course this didn’t help the nagging feeling that something had slipped my mind which was quite important and just as I was about to empty the numerous plastic boxes containing my train set all over the floor it dawned on me that I haven’t been updating my blog. This is in part because Daddy, who tends to help me out a little more than I give him credit for with writing the blog has been away working in South Africa recently but mainly because I have been so busy playing with all my lovely presents I had for my birthday party. Oh yes I had a party, didn’t I tell you? I must have forgotten that as well, please read on and I will do my best to bring you up to speed.

As you know from my last post, I had fallen straight to sleep following a very exciting and busy day on my actual birthday, but it wasn’t over, the best bit was still to come.

The invitations had been sent out the week before, and the text messages and social media updates had been coming in as a response to the ‘RSVP’ requests.  Daddy had been busy preparing the food and Mummy had been wrapping up a little toy with lots and lots of layers of paper, and as Eeyore feels a little funny about the ‘Pin the tail on the Donkey’ side of things we decided to keep him happy by getting a ‘place the nose on the clown’ game instead.

We arrived first as Mummy and Daddy still had to put up balloons, banners and put all the food out on the table, complete with little hats, and lots of blue paper plates and cups. No sooner had the last sausage roll been put in place the first of my little friends arrived and then another and another.  Within 15 minutes we were all running around in a sugar filled frenzy of fun and noise, the big people drank tea and stole fairy cakes when they thought we were not looking but there were so many of them that we didn’t mind.

It turns out that the little toy Mummy had spent so long wrapping was in fact for a game called pass the parcel which is where big people tease you with pretending to give you a present and then make you give it away again, after a little while the music stops in and there is a big build up of excitement and someone gets to open the present only to discover that there isn’t actually a toy inside it but a consolation packet of sweeties and the game goes on.

Once we were all done with the games and some more running round, biscuits, cakes and chocolate it was time for the cake. Now the world’s best cake has to have the following ingredients;

  1. Chocolate
  2. Trains
  3. Candles
  4. Pretend coal
  5. A room full of sugar filled children
  6. did I mention trains? Trains are important.

Mix all these together with Mummy’s special recipe and you get this.

Finally once the party was all over and all my friends had gone (Did I say thank you to them all? I hope so. Thank you everyone just in case I forgot in all the excitement) We went home to play and eat more cake, and whilst I was sat in the back of the car munching on another piece of this rather impressive chocolate coal I realised that soon, once Baby Elmo is here, we will get to have more than one birthday party a year and that because I am the big brother I will get to have the first choice of which piece of cake I want, what Fun!


I have some news to share with you all. Not about Baby Elmo, not just yet, we still have a few months to go until my little Sister (or brother) puts in an appearance but this is still news worthy. You see , I, Jack Archie Elmes am no longer Two and three-quarters, or even two and a little bit more than that. I am now officially a three-year old!

This is my birthday weekend, and after what feels like weeks (however long they are) of Mummy and Daddy telling me it would be my birthday soon it has apparently arrived.  I ran down the stairs, meaning that I went down them nice and slowly as I know better than to run down stairs but I was excited you see from half way down the stairs I could see the front door and there on the mat I could see millions of cards (well quite a lot anywhere, did I mention counting isn’t my strong point)

birthday card

I scooped up as many cards as I could carry oh and a present that the postman had somehow managed to get through the letter box and ran back upstairs (Don’t worry it’s OK to run UP the stairs apparently)

Mummy and Daddy dived for safety under the covers as I threw all the cards and the presents  delivered by the postman onto the bed, come to think of it was exceptionally early today, he must make a special effort on birthdays. A minute or so later Mummy and Daddy must have realised it was safe and emerged from their hiding place and I climbed up onto the bed to open all my lovely cards, Eeyore helped me to read the ones with joined up writing and mummy pinned a shiny number ‘3’ badge to me. Once I had finished my cards Mummy said I could have Nutella on toast for breakfast because it was my birthday and we went downstairs.

I walked downstairs with a glance at the doormat again, just in case the postman had forgotten anything and seeing nothing there carried on into the lounge.  As I did I could see a really big, blue shiny balloon in the shape of a number ‘3’ just like the one on my badge, It was one of those balloons that tends to float away if you’re not really careful and normally Mummy and Daddy would tie these onto my wrist to avoid any disappointment but this one was just tied onto a weight on the floor, as I looked again the weight appeared to be in the shape of a bike, a bike covered in toy story characters and with little wheels on the sides to stop it falling over ( probably because of the balloon I guess)

Then I realised, this was My Bike, my balloon and there were even more presents to open.

toy story

Baby Elmo bought me a Topsy and Tim book about a new baby and Jimbo bought me some finger paints which he left by his food bowl for me, later in the day Nanny, Nana, and both my Grandads came to visit with great Nanny and Auntie Dur (AKA Steph)  And I got to go out on my bike with Daddy running as fast as he could shouting something about a “Brake” every now and then, I don’t know what that is yet but I’m sure I will figure It out soon.

Once I finally got into bed, Mummy said that tomorrow we will be having a party with all my friends, I was so excited I considered not getting to sleep but thought better of it, popped my thumb in my mouth, grabbed Eeyore with my other hand and closed my eyes.

‘Happy Birthday Jack’ Eeyore said

But it was too late I was already asleep

thomas the tank engine

Today we went to a party. Not a normal jelly and ice cream party with pass the parcel and little bags at the end but a party full of big people called a barbecue, however I did find a big bowl full of lollipops and cakes so I guess it still counts.

Mummy was busy talking to other big people about Baby Elmo and how big her tummy was getting and Daddy was drinking a beer in a group who were gathering round a man playing with matches and cooking sausages.

It was at about this point I realised that there were no other little people around for me to play with which made me think I was in for a really dull day, luckily Eeyore had thought ahead and had packed my nursery bag (which was not needed on account of it being a Sunday) with some of my trains, well done Eeyore, I must remember to give him a carrot later.

Now I had my trains again I needed to find somewhere to play and wandered out into the garden.  I walked past something very tall which was covering the little wooden shed and appeared to have grapes growing on it, but then I must have been mistaken because I know that grapes come grow in little plastic boxes in the fridge and then,  just behind an odd looking plant Daddy called rhubarb I saw it…… MUD!

Lots and lots of lovley mud, Quickly I got closer to investigate and looked first at Mummy and then Daddy just to make sure I wasn’t imagining it all. They both said

“Sure you can play with your trains in teh mud if you want to” 

I put Eeyore down just on the edge (after all he gets dirty enough) and grabbed Thoams First, and with the help of a few flower pots Daddy found in the shed covered in grapes started to make the best mud slide train disaster to ever hit the island of Sodor (that’s where Thoams lives you know)

Before long all teh trains were having a great time in the mud and crashing into plant pots, and you know what the whole thing was so much fun taht lots of the big people who I didn’t even know deided to play with me too, this was possibly the best party I had every been to. Trains, Mud, Lolly pops and then out came the birthday cake with HUGE amounts of creamy chocolate icing!

Later, and apparently this happens a lot at a barbecue in Britain it started to rain, some true Brits shrugged and carried on whilst I was told to play in then house, but I didn’t mind, that’s where the cake was.

Finally we said goodbye to everyone and got into the car to go home and after a very good wash Eeyore and I went to bed and left Mummy and Daddy to clean all my trains ready for the next time and leave them to dry.

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